Welcome to R.K. Public Sr. Sec. School

R.K. Public  Sr. Sec. School, SIWANCHI GATE, JODHPUR - An Epitome of Quality Education

In today's world fraught with competition and challenges, there is nothing more important than a 'good' school background for the young citizens. It is ultimately the quality of education the child receives that will propel her/him to a successful career and a significant place in society - as well as inculcate the moral, cultural and spiritual values so vital to a child's all round development.

Education is more than mere literacy. It is in fact a soul searching exercise, committed towards excellence.

  R.K.Public  Sr. Sec. School  is recognized throughout the academic world for its progressive approach and commitment to excellence. Distinction and diversity are the twin hallmarks of its philosophy, "Educational Leadership and Scholarly Achievement" is its mission.

The school aims to develop the ability in the student to enable him to make the best use of his personality, surroundings and circumstances in order to accomplish the maximum in life for himself and for others. Broadly speaking, the School with its experienced and highly qualified faculty has two goals which are mutually
dependent : cultivation and development of the individual and the improvement of society.
  R.K.Public  Sr. Sec. School, jodhpur is affiliated to RAJESTHAN Board of Secondary Education (RBSE). It is a co-educational school from Nursery to Class XII, The R.K. Public  Sr. Sec. School, jodhpur offers Mathematics, Biology and Commerce streams at Senior Secondary Level.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       School is a place where children learn reading, writing and innovating new ideas, explore their field of future success, develop and chase their dreams and can lay foundation of their safe, secure and brighten career. Bur all these can only be achieved through rigorous and continuous efforts of the students with the suppot of teachers and parents.

We are doing our best efforts to provide maximum facilities and technical support to our students so that they can achieve their goals in an easy manner. we want by heart to fulfil all the golden dreams of our loved students.

  I apprise all the parents if they co-operate with the management and the teachers and abide by all the rules and regulation as rules are backbone f the discipline similarly discipline is the key of success. i assure all the parents that management of the school will never take any decision that will affect the study of your loved ones. I also assure all the parents that school Manangement and teachers will remain dedicated and devoted to provide best quality of education.

And last but not least "We should evaluate ourselves rather than criticising others."

I wish to all for a glorious and a happy life..



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